Spring Stocking is complete. Come meet the trout!



The members have been having a GREAT spring experience on the waters.  Take a look at Tim Flagler’s video of last week’s stocking.

The waters are perfect. There are lots of fish. The evenings are getting longer and temperatures are perfect.  

Jim and his team are running a one day Fly Fishing School on the grounds on Saturday if you needs a tune-up or know a novice who may have interest.

They are not tying up the waters so come on out !

Bill is running an NRA BASIC PISTOL class in the conference room Saturday May 6th with shooting on Sunday at Cherry Ridge Range. A few spots are open if you want to know how to handle and shoot a pistol safely. Also instructing: Charlotte Asdal (Intercollegiate All-American Pistol Team 2013-2017)

Advice from Joan Flagler:  “ Come use the Shannon’s Shack for a dinner experience and cookout.  I brought over some chicken to grill and salads.  We had a great time watching the evening settle in”   

Members using the log-in / log-out have increased.  Thank You and we are here to help if you don’t know how to access your account.

We hope to see you on the waters.  

Jim Holland, Shannon’s Fly and Tackle

Bill & Marcia Asdal, Raritan Inn

NJ Fish and Game Regulations Apply

Hi All, 

  Opening day has come and gone with smiling faces, strong river fun, and plenty of fish hooked and landed.   Thanks to those who joined us for the comradery.

REMINDER -  we are still operating under NJ Fish and Game regulations which includes a provision that the river is CLOSED on Tuesday’s for stocking until 5:00 p.m.

We HAVE had Game Warden social visits, so it would be best to stick to the state rules for Tuesdays.   http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/trt_allocation17_dates.ht

REMINDER - we appreciate everyone checking in and out of the waters on your personal account at www.shannonsprivatewaters.com . Most are doing this.  If you are having technical difficulties let us know and we can set you up.

REMINDER - the fridge is full, the average time on the waters is 5 ½ hours (!) so come out, hang out and you don’t have to eat out.  

See you on the waters.

Bill & Marcia, Raritan Inn

Jim,  Shannon’s Fly and Tackle

     Hot Stove – Winter Fly Fishing Seminars at the Raritan Inn


Prep for the 2017 Season with three of the best in the business beginning tomorrow evening.

Tim, Jim & John are masters of the South Branch in reading the waters, knowing the aquatic ecosystem, matching the hatches and tying the patterns.

An evening with any one of them is priceless.  Getting all three pre-season is a special experience.

Join us for a great evening of fly fishing discussion. Catered dinner is included. 


February 22, 2017: Tim Flagler Early Season Patterns and Tactics

March 1st John Collins and Jim Holland Hatches of the South Branch Part One

March 8th John Collins and Jim Holland Hatches of the South Branch Part Two

Members $35.00 per event

Non-members $65.00 per event.

Call   Shannon’s Fly and Tackle to hold a spot:   908.832.5736