Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week, we finally had an appreciable rain event. This brought the river up to almost 600 cubic feet per second flow or cfs. The water was dark, stained by the tannin contained in the many leaves which fell. Most of them are down now which is a big help.

Fall is spawning time for our trout and we’ve noticed that many of the fish have completed this annual ritual. If you catch a trout that is a little thin and lethargic during the fight it is likely the fish recently completed spawning. As I mentioned in my last blog, you may also see the spawning beds or redds scattered in any of several beats.  I feed the fish aggressively as they finish spawning to help them put on the weight they’ve lost before winter sets in. The good news is that they are hungry and our larger brood stock trout will begin to aggressively feed once again. 

Fish have been feeding aggressively during the day at times. Often the best bite is between 9am and 4pm. Depending on the level of the water it is a good idea to think small this time of year. Small orange or cream egg patterns with a midge pattern or RS2 in sizes 18-22 have been successful of late.  Work those flies slowly through likely holding areas. Temperatures are ideal so the fish are well spread throughout our waters.

Many of you have noticed that our fish are strong fighters once hooked. Don’t rush them in but once landed in the net, try not to remove them from the water, this gives them the best chance at recovering quickly.

Thanksgiving week and beyond is a great time to fish.  The registration system is working for many of us. If you are having trouble please e-mail us. From all of us we would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing many of you on December 5th for the annual Christmas party. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those great Americans including several stellar daughters of Bill and Marcia serving in our armed forces this holiday season.  See you on the water and don’t forget those Wooly Buggers!