The Members Portal provides several much requested features for club members

  • Allows you to check in and out of our private waters. This fulfills several goals:
    • Protection and safety of our members
    • Health and wellness of our waters and fish
    • Club camaraderie and awareness
  • Full calendar of club and Inn events 
  • Easy access to the most up to date weather and stream conditions
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Easy contact methods to get ahold of club administrators, book lessons, and more!
  • Convenient Mobile interface

Instructions For Easy Check-in Mobile Access

The Site and all of its features are easily accessible via a web browser on your desktop or mobile phone. For checking-in convenience, you can save a direct shortcut to the mobile check-in site on your phone's home screen, so that you can effortlessly check in and out.

Select your phone type for easy instructions!