Hello and welcome!

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting many of you at the Shannon's 2015 opening member meeting. There, I presented some concepts of ways to improve member awareness of club events, improve club safety, and better monitor the health of our waters.

I received an amazing amount of good feedback at that opening meeting at the Inn, and in the weeks following. So I took all of the ideas, concepts, and requests, and did my best to combine them into your own brand new Shannon's Private Waters website and custom Member's Portal.

This was built from the ground up with you, the Club Member, in mind. It is based entirely off of your feedback, and is not a static product. As you start using it and figure out what you like and don't like, let me know, and I will do my best to update it to better fit your needs.

Shannon's Private Waters is an unparalleled fishing experience already, and we are constantly trying to improve it for your benefit and the long term health of our waters and the Club.

There are instructions on how to use the site here, and be sure to contact me by email here or call me any time at 614-214-4867.


Chris O'Keefe

Shannon's Private Waters Tech Administrator

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