Stone Arch

Location: Just above the 513 Bridge

This beat consists of three sections: The Teetertown Pool, The Stone Arch and the Bridge Pool. Across from the Inn lies Teetertown Pool so named for the brook which flows into the main river here bringing cool water year round. The brook is a documented and important producer of Native Brook and Wild Brown Trout. The pool is known for its sulphur hatch and is best accessed by a path leading to the pool on the upstream bank of the Millrace. The Stone Arch Run dates to road improvements in 1806. This hand laid bridge abutment forms a deep channel. The upper riffles were formed by the 400’ x 900’ mill pond which harnessed the river’s flow and powered two mill wheels along the millrace. The remains of outflow stone works create a short, swift run. The Bridge Pool just above the 513 bridge is perfect for the dry fly with its abundant hatches.